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25 April 2018


Please make sure you’ve paid.

Costumes will start coming home the week of April 30th. Please make sure that your costume has been paid for. You will find a note attached to your dancer’s costume that explains how to wear hair and makeup for the recital.

If you performed in the Christmas recital, you will wear the same tights and shoes (please make sure they are like-new, if not you will need to purchase more at the front desk).

If you were not in the Christmas recital, you will receive tights/shoes with your costume. 


Rental Costumes

In order to keep costume fees more affordable, we offer rental costumes for those classes dancing in multiple routines. You will return these costumes in a classroom off the side of the stage after the recital on June 4th. Please note: if any of these costumes are lost or damaged, you will be charged an additional $40.

  • Prep Team 1 Jazz: Popular
  • Prep Team 2 Ballet: Remember Me
  • Prep Team 3 Jazz: Feel It Still
  • Wednesday Pointe: Glorious
  • Opener: Top Hats
  • Drama Queens: Lyrical
  • Jalepeño Hotties: Lyrical
  • The Royals: Lyrical
  • Premiere Team: Jazz
  • Premiere Pointe: Hedwig’s Theme

Costume Care

Be kind to your costume.

Do not eat or play in your costumes!

Take your costumes home and hang them in a safe place.

Steam them if necessary.

Do not put costumes in the wash machine or dryer.

Your tights will serve as your underwear- do not wear anything underneath your tights.

Remove any jewelry or nail polish prior to performances.

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