Notes from our Director: 2018 Dance Registration

Energy Dance Co. Writer

2 May 2018

OH Yeah! Registration is open.


I‘m so excited about our new upcoming dance seasons. Summer Dance is my absolute favorite! It’s a quick, six-week session where we push the kids and teach them new and exciting skills in a short period of time. It’s always motivating to see the growth and improvement that can happen in just six short weeks. If there are any classes that you would like to try-out, but aren’t sure that you want to commit to a full season- summer is the perfect time to do that.

Parades for days!

The best part about Summer Dance is the parade! It’s one of the highlights of the entire year for me. It is so fun to see the dancers dancing and having a good time out in the sun with all of their dance friends.


There’s more…

We have some great things in store for our 2018-2019 Academic Season. Our studio just keeps growing, and our dancers get better and better each season. As a teacher, nothing beats watching your dancers improve from year to year! Each season, we change our schedules slightly to stay relevant within the dance community. This year, we’ve added more technique options for team dancers and a higher variety of class options for all ages. We’re constantly improving our program to make it the best it can possibly be- and the 2018-2019 Season is going to be no different.

Grow to become better dancers and people.

Hope to see you all soon!

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