Payment Information

Energy Dance Co. Writer

25 April 2018


Balances must be paid to perform.

Please make sure your balances are paid in full in order to perform in the June recital. June tuition is the regular amount, and is due by June 2nd. Monthly tuition is based off of 40 hours of dance in a season, divided into ten payments (4 lessons/hours each month). Due to all the extra practices in the months of May and June, the dancers receive well over 4 hours of dance instruction these months.


$15 was due April 10th

$5 goes toward the cost to rent TH Bell for Recital Preview. $10 goes toward the cost to rent WSU for the June Recital. It is VERY expensive to rent these facilities and pay for their staff to run our show! WSU is a state-of-the-art facility that has the best lighting in the state of Utah, it is a very professionally ran recital. Once you have seen it, you will be happy with the results! The recital fee does NOT include tickets to the recital.

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