Top 5 Reasons for Private Dance Lessons

Energy Dance Co. Writer

25 September 2017

As a dance studio, we encourage our dancers to participate in solo, duo and trio competitions.

If you or your dancer have ever taken private lessons you can attest to the measurable skill improvement. I’ve watched people become amazing dancers through this process. Here are the top reasons why we think private lessons are a great idea.

#5 Dancers are given in-depth direct attention to correct technique and body mechanics mishaps

Private lessons will exponentially increase a dancer’s skill level. ‘Going through the motions’ regularly in practice will stall your progress as an athlete,” says Larry Lauer, Ph. D. of Association of Applied Sports Psychology. Direct attention through 1:1 practice will increase practice intensity and develope a dancer’s true potential.

#4 Practicing and achieving goals is a focused skill set your dancer will develop

Many times athletic and dance coaches will only put an emphasis on outcome goals such as winning a dance competition. I believe outcome goals should be taught along side process and performance goals. The technique behind a pirouette turn, is a great example. How to prep and where your body should be positioned and so forth are critical. On the flip side, the performance goal for a pirouette would be accomplishing a certain number of turns. We highly recommend Alan S. Kornspan’s excerpt in Human Kinetics diving in more detail the concepts of goal setting we firmly believe in.

#3 Lessons are designed to meet each dancer’s individual goals

Simply put, every dancer is different. Each has a unique set of natural abilities and tendencies. Keeping those things in mind, we coach using realistic achievable goals to help dancers become the best athlete they can be.

#2 Over time, solo (duo & trio) competitions and performances increase confidence and motivation

Dr. Carl E Pickhardt has a favorite prescription in preserving self-esteem: “There’s a lot of talk about self-esteem these days…It seems pretty basic to me. If you want to feel proud of yourself, you’ve got to do things you can feel proud of. Feelings follow actions.” I continue to watch incredible strides in self-esteem preservation after each solo, duo, and trio competition. When coupled with performance, process, and outcome goals dancers feel proud of what they’ve accomplished.

#1 There’s more to life than just dance

Yes, that’s right, I said it — there’s more to life than just dance. Hard work, dedication, and practice are the building blocks. It’s what makes not just great dancers but great people. Additional exposure to instructors who teach these concepts help dancers excel not only on stage but throughout life.

Energy Dance Company is committed to helping each student feel great about his or her strengths, accomplishments, and abilities.

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