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What is the Membership Fee?
The Membership Fee reserves your child’s spot in the class and is due upon registration. You must pay
the Membership Fee to be enrolled in a season at Energy Dance Company. The fee is $30 for your first
dancer and $15 for each additional dancer in your immediate family. If you continue to be enrolled at Energy Dance Company from season to season you will not have to pay another Membership Fee. If you take a dance season off (including Summer Session), you will pay another Membership Fee to re-enroll in classes.
Can I pay for drop-in or month-to-month classes?
The only classes that we offer drop-in rates for are the adult classes. All other classes are run by season, and the expectation is that you are enrolled for the entirety of the dance season.
Do I need to register for the upcoming dance season if I am currently enrolled?
Class schedules vary from season to season. If you are a current dancer, you will not need to pay another membership fee, however you DO need to enroll in the new season by registering online for your class.
How long does the dance season run?
Our Academic Session runs with the school year (September-May). We also offer a Summer Dance Session that runs for six weeks during the summer. During the summer, we also offer 3-day dance camps where dancers focus on specific skills.
Can I watch my dancer in class?
Parents are welcome to view class through the observation windows during the first class of each month. To ensure full participation from the dancers, please do not enter a classroom unless you have been invited by the teacher.
What will my dancer learn in the class?

Each class is taught by a qualified adult instructor. Each class begins with a warm-up and stretch and moves through center floor and across the floor
technique exercises. Your dancer will learn new dance skills and technique each week in class as well as a combination. You can find a specific class description for each class on our website.

How many kids are in each class?
We cap our classes at different sizes depending on your child’s age group. For early childhood classes, we allow 10 dancers to be enrolled in a class. Adolescent class sizes vary from 12-16 dancers in a class. For younger age-groups, if your dancer’s class is more than halfway full, we will bring in a teenage teacher assistant to help with the class. If a class has three or fewer students enrolled, the class will be canceled or combined with another class.
What should my dancer wear to class?
We believe when students are dressed appropriately for class it creates an atmosphere of professionalism and
unity. They arrive to class prepared and ready to work hard. They can move and train without distractions or
discomfort. We do not allow bare midriffs at Energy Dance Company. Check class description.
How do I excuse my child from class?
If your dancer is going to be late or miss class, please call the studio at 385-244-1374. If no one answers, please leave a voicemail. Our office staff checks voicemails first thing daily and relays the messages to the teachers.
Do you offer make-up classes?
If you miss your scheduled class for any reason (scheduled cancellation, family matter, sickness, etc.) you are always welcome to attend a makeup class. Please visit our website (energydanceco.com) to find a full class schedule. Choose any class time that fits your child’s age group for your makeup class. You are welcome to call the studio line ahead of time to schedule your makeup class, or just drop in. When you enter the studio for your makeup class, please inform the front desk that you are attending a makeup class.
Is my dancer required to participate in the dance recital?
We recommend that all dancers participate in the dance recitals. The recital is in culmination of everything we have worked toward during the dance season. We spend a good chunk of class time specifically preparing for the dance recital. Participating in a dance recital will boost confidence, promote teamwork, and will be a lasting memory for your child.
What is a recital fee?
The recital fee is due for each dancer participating in the recital. It helps to cover the expensive cost of renting the venue, and pays for the professional venue staff as well as the EDC staff to work the dress rehearsal and show.
Why do I need to purchase tickets to the recital?
We offer reserved seating for both of our recitals. We find that this reduces confusion at the door and eliminates early arrival for seat-saving. Since not all seats are treated equally, ticket prices vary based on where you choose to sit. Recital ticket sales go toward the cost of renting the recital venue.
How do I know what my dancer needs to look like for the recital?
About a week or two prior to the recital, we will have Costume Pass-Out Week. This is a fun event where we require all dancers to arrive to class wearing a leotard. In class, we will try all costumes on the dancers to check for needed alterations, and have an in-class fashion show! You will receive a garment bag with a note that explains how your dancer should wear their costume, accessories, tights, shoes, hair and makeup. This information will also be available on the website.
What is the average cost of costumes?
• Christmas Recital: To make it more affordable for our families, we only offer rental costumes at Christmas. All rental costumes will be $30. This costume payment is due October 10th.

• Tights and Shoes: Each class will be assigned specific tights and/or shoes to wear at the recitals. The tights and/or shoes you purchase for the Christmas Recital will be the same ones you wear for the Spring Recital. It is your responsibility to keep track of your performance tights and shoes and to keep them in like-new condition. Tights generally cost $15, and shoes generally cost $25. This payment is due October 10th.

• Spring Recital: For the convenience of our families, all Spring Recital costumes cost $70. This will be broken into two payments of $35 due in November and January. These payments are due so far in advance because we order Spring Recital costumes in December. You will wear the same tights and shoes for the Spring Recital that you wore in the Christmas Recital. If you join late or lose or ruin your tights and shoes, you will be required to purchase Spring Recital tights and shoes with your costume payment.

What if I miss my payment?
Payments are due by the 10th, or second class of each month. If we do not receive your payment by this time, you will be charged a $15.00 late fee. If you need to make payment arrangements or set up a payment plan PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE, please contact Michelle at [email protected] If your account is over two months behind, your dancer will not be allowed to participate in his/her classes.
Are there any hidden fees?

Good businesses are not run by having hidden fees. We are upfront from the beginning of the season by explaining all the costs involved with our program. Here is what you can expect to pay for throughout the season:

  • Membership Fee
  • Monthly Tuition
  • Practice wear (available at the front desk)
  • Recital Fees
  • Christmas Costume Rental & Spring Costume Purchase
  • Performance tights & shoes
  • Recital tickets
  • Recital Practice CD (optional)
  • Class Pictures (optional)
  • Recital Video (optional)
What if I need to withdraw from my class?
We understand that you might have a circumstance arise where you need to withdraw your dancer mid-season. Because the nature of our program is performance based, and most of our classes are full, we require a 30-day written notice to withdraw from class. Please submit withdrawal requests to [email protected] Your account will no longer be charged for classes 30 days after we have received your written notice. Please be aware that costume fees, tights, and shoes are all non-refundable, and you will be able to keep those items as a keepsake if your child
withdraws before the recital.

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