Christmas Costume Hand-Out

Energy Dance Co. Writer

25 October 2018

The day costumes come home is like Christmas!

  • Performance Troupes: November 14th
  • Classic Program: November 26th, 27th & 28th
Please wear a leotard to class this week! 

Costumes will be passed out during your regular class time- no need to come in during a special time. Everyone will try on their costume over their leotard to make sure it fits correctly and is in good condition. We make this a fun event for everyone that you don’t want to miss!

Your costume will come home in a clear garment bag. It will include a note on how to wear your hair and makeup, and will include any needed accessories, tights and/or shoes. Please take your costume home and hang it in a safe place.

Your rental costume should be returned to dance the week of December 10th-13th. You will be charged for lost or damaged items.

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