classic program

Receive age-appropriate dance instruction from qualified adult instructors. We offer multiple classes to fit your busy schedule starting at one hour a week. Perform in our Christmas Recital and Spring Recital.

Our Classic Program is for All Ages!

Early Childhood Classes

For developing young dancers ages 18 months – 5 years old.
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Youth Classes

For the growing energetic dancer ages 6-16 years old.
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Adult Classes

For those that just have to dance ages 16 and older.
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Our Classes


Recreation Jazz Class is designed to teach proper technique to dancers of all ages. Class begins with a warm-up and stretches progressing to across the floor, center floor work, and combination choreography. We will also frequently include improv dance to stretch creativity and performance levels. Dancers work on flexibility, kicks, jumps, leaps, and turns to challenge the dancers and push them to the next level.


Great dancers are built on solid technique. At Energy Dance Company we value traditional ballet and respect the reverence required to study it. In our classes, students will learn and practice foundational knowledge and practice precise technique. The class will begin with stretching followed by barre exercise and center floor work.


We are able to individualize our tumbling instruction based on the needs of the students. The goal is for students to eventually learn to throw their tricks on the hardwood floor in their dance routines. We have a beginning tumbling class and an intermediate/advanced class for students who are executing an unassisted back walkover. Students will learn basic tumbling and progress at their own pace in areas of strength, flexibility, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, back handsprings, aerials, whips, and tucks.

Hip Hop

We have the best hip hop choreographers in the state. Dancers will learn the basics of hip-hop styles such as breaking, waving, popping, locking, tutting, and krumping. Dancers will learn new tricks and combinations each week.

Dance Tumble

Dance Tumble classes are designed for beginning dancers who would like a taste of many different dance styles. In this class students will start with a good stretch, then they will get to learn a few different styles of dance each week including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Tumbling. This is a great class for dancers who are just starting into dance and would like to try out a bit of everything before they decide which style of dance they would like to pursue.

Parent and Child

Mommy and Me is a special 30-minute dance class designed for toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and their parents. It is a fun way for moms (or dads, grandparents, nanny’s, aunts or uncles) and their toddlers to connect with each other in a playful environment and also interact with other little ones. This class will stimulate toddler dance coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development. We will accept younger children as long as they are walking. There is NO registration fee. Dancers will get the opportunity to perform at an end of year Show Case Performance.


In Recreation Dance classes, students will learn new and fun choreography in lyrical and contemporary styles while practicing jazz and ballet technique and focusing on flexibility. Students will learn and practice improvisation, which will help them throughout their dance careers. Typically it takes a lot of self-confidence to perform improvisation, we strive to help our students grow, develop, and master both skills.

Tap Dance

Well rounded dancers know how to tap dance, it’s critical for anyone pursuing a career in dance. This curriculum has been developed for students to learn the basics of tap dancing. The class will begin with a technical warm up and stretch. Dancers will learn tap in both center floor and across the floor exercises. Dancers will learn different combinations throughout the year and a tap routine to be performed in the spring recitals.

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“I love EDC and so does my daughter. She just completed her first year of dance and seeing how patient and professional her teachers have been with her is amazing! Compared to other dance studios I’ve seen, the enrollment cost is great. Personally, I recommend energy dance studio to anyone looking for enrolling a new dancer or looking for a new studio.

Alan Grice, Google Review

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