Spring Recital 2019

Energy Dance Co. Writer

3 April 2019

Saturday, May 11th- SPRING RECITAL DAY!

WSU Val A. Browning Center Austad Auditorium


All the dancers will learn a short finale number for the recital on May 11th.  This is why everyone needs to stay with their classes until the end of the entire show. We will have a combined practice at the studio to put this together. Please wear regular dance attire to this practice- no costumes.


    • Dancers ONLY in matinee show: 5-6pm
    • Dancers ONLY in evening show: 7-8pm
    • Dancers in BOTH matinee and evening show (Performance & Intensive dancers): 5-8pm


Saturday May 11th @ WSU Browning Center. Wear your costume, hair & makeup not necessary for rehearsal. Please drop off and pick up your dancers in the browning Center Auditorium with an Energy staff member. *Rehearsal may run behind!! Rehearsal is closed to spectators.

    • Dancers ONLY in matinee show: 8:30-10:00am
    • Dancers ONLY in evening show: 10:00-11:30am
    • Performance Program: 9:00-11:00am
    • Intensive Program: 9:30-10:30am- (Wear HGT costume)


  • Doors open to public: 12:45pm
  • Pre-Show dancers arrive: 12:45pm
  • Pre-Show: 1:15-2:00pm (solos/duets/trios)
  • All Matinee dancers arrive: 1:30pm
  • Recital: 2:00-4:00pm
  • BETWEEN SHOWS: Dancers who are in BOTH the matinee and evening show have an hour and a half between shows. Please pick up your dancer as soon and the first show is over, take them to eat dinner (pack a sack lunch and eat outside, or grab something). Dancers must be back at the recital by 5:30pm for the evening show.


  • Doors open to public: 4:45pm
  • Pre-Show dancers arrive: 4:45pm
  • Pre-Show: 5:15-6:00pm (solos/duets/trios)
  • All Matinee dancers arrive: 5:30pm
  • Recital: 6:00-8:30pm

DANCERS: Please arrive completely ready with hair and makeup done. Dancers are required to sit with their class for the entire show. You will be greeted by an Energy Dance staff member in the foyer when you arrive, she will escort you to where you can meet your class.  If there isn’t a staff member there right when you arrive, wait in the foyer till a staff member arrives.

PARENTS: Please drop off your dancers, have a seat and enjoy the show.  Make sure that you are wearing your wristband. Without a wristband, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACKSTAGE. You may help with costume changes if needed (dressing rooms are located underneath the stage).

DANCER PICK-UP: After the entire show is over, you may pick up your dancers in the hallways to the sides of the stage with your color coordinated wristband. We use this policy to ensure the safety of our dancers and avoid crowding in the facility.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: We need a few volunteers to sit with classes and watch the show during the ACT that they are NOT performing in.  You will be sitting in the first row of chairs in the auditorium. You will return to sit with your family to watch your dancer perform. Please let me know ASAP if you can help.

2019 Energy Dance Company Spring Recital Order of Performance


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