Introducing Our Accelerated Program

Energy Dance Co. Writer

22 July 2019

Accelerated Program

Accelerated Program is for dancers ages 4-16 with at least one year of dance training. It is designed for dancers who are ready to take their dancing to the next level, but are not ready for the commitment of the Intensive Program. Accelerated Program is designed to prepare dancers for our Intensive Program at an accelerated rate by receiving more in depth technique training than our Classic Program offers. There are three Accelerated Teams separated by age.

Dancers are required to come two hours a week during the Academic Season. Summer Dance is not required for the Accelerated Program. Dancers will participate in one hour of Ballet training and one hour of Jazz training throughout the academic season. Dancers will perform either a Ballet or Jazz routine at the Christmas Recital, and the Christmas Tree Jubilee, and will perform either a Ballet or Jazz routine at our Spring Recital.

Dancers are NOT required to audition to participate in our Accelerated Program.

REGISTER FOR ACCELERATED PROGRAM: Registration for our 2019-2020 Academic Season will be open in July 2019


Academic Season Tuition:

  • $70/month (2 hours a week). Dancers will participate in one hour of Ballet and one hour of Jazz.
  • Additional Classes: Starting at $20/month.
  • Costume & Recital fees will be due throughout the season in addition to this monthly tuition fee.

Academic Season Performances: Christmas Tree Jubilee (November), Christmas Recital (December), Spring Recital (June)

Summer Session Schedule: Accelerated Program dancers are NOT required to attend our Summer Session.

Classes for Accelerated Program Dancers:

4-6 year olds

  • Wednesdays 4-6pm
    • 4-5pm: Ballet
    • 5-6pm: Jazz


7-9 year olds

  • Wednesdays 5-7pm
    • 5-6pm: Ballet
    • 6-7pm: Jazz


10-14 year olds

  • Wednesdays 6-8pm
    • 6-7pm: Ballet
    • 7-8pm: Jazz

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